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Shakespeare 2019: Who Should Take Part in Shakesperience?

Maisie Beavers

I would encourage anyone considering going on the trip to do it, they won't regret it. Don't be nervous if you don't have the most extensive information on Shakespeare or any of his works, I went into the trip with little to no Shakespearean knowledge, and was able to follow along and understand the lectures easily. The classes are taught in a way that allows both Shakespeare fans and newcomers to understand the material we review, and further our knowledge not only on Shakespeare, but on writing styles in general. The skills you develop in this course can be applied to any kind of literary analysis, and will be particularly helpful if you're thinking of pursuing a degree in English. The cherry on top is that you'll genuinely have fun doing this course, as the class plans are often engaging activities that allow you to connect with your fellow classmates and move at your own pace!

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